Police Department

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Newmarket Police Department to provide efficient law enforcement services to all citizens and to effectively protect property through professional standards, progressive training, operational planning and team commitment consistent with departmental policies and values in order to enhance the quality of life within the Town of Newmarket.

Values Statement

Officers and employees of the Newmarket Police Department shall possess the following character traits, qualities and principles in order to achieve a law enforcement purpose.

  • Integrity
    Officers and employees shall possess unquestionable character and honesty in performing their duties, functions and responsibilities.
  • Pride
    Officers and employees shall possess uncompromising motivation and work ethic in order to achieve goals and objectives and to meet reasonable department expectations.
  • Service
    Officers and employees shall be loyal and committed to the residents of the community and provide the best possible law enforcement services.
  • Honor
    Officers and employees shall be competent and vigilant in their decision-making and problem-solving abilities while projecting an image of dignity for the department.

Vision Statement

The Newmarket Police Department shall strive to establish a widely respected law enforcement agency among its peers and the general public. This shall be accomplished through accepted police practices, methods, tactics and techniques. The department shall preserve the highest ideals of professional policing. The department shall execute enforcement action with a pro-active philosophy and with appropriate discretion in order to deter criminal activity, bring criminals to justice and to produce positive results within Constitutional parameters and statutory obligations.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Lisa Simes Administrative Assistant (603)-659-6636 Ext 1211
Gregory Jordan Chief (603)-659-6636 Ext 1214