Building Safety / Health Officer

Protecting Your Project and Peace of Mind

The mission of Building Safety Office is to add value to construction projects. The value added comes in many forms, from protecting public welfare and occupant safety, to improving the structure’s reliability and reducing operational costs. We want to be part of the construction team, not an obstacle to overcome. Our office places a high value on the study of building sciences and construction failures. We want your project to take full advantage of what we have learned. Newmarket follows the State of New Hampshire Building and Safety codes without local amendment. While some years back, most New Hampshire towns adopted their own building and safety codes, we now have moved to international model codes, primarily the International Code Council and the National Fire Protection Association. While not all building and safety codes are available on our website, we do offer some links to the most utilized codes under the Helpful Building Information page to the left for further building code information and links to some of the codes available online. If you are planning a project and have code questions, we recommend you meet with our Building Safety Official, who will guide you through the best practices and minimum code requirements.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michael Hoffman Building Official / Health Officer (603) 659-8501 ext. 1311
Susan Jordan Administrative Assistant (603) 659-8501 ext. 1310