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Welcome to the Newmarket New Hampshire Crime information page.  The Newmarket Police Department is looking for the public's help in the following investigations.

***************FRAUD WARNING****************

Recently the Newmarket Police Department has seen an increased amount of computer fraud on the internet.  This week we are investigating a fraud case involving a sale on Craig's List.  A resident  had placed an item for sale on Craig's List and then was contacted by a potential buyer who identified themselves as Prisha Clary.  The seller was contacted by both email and phone and arrangements were made to purchase the item. In the email sent by Prisha Clary , the buyer agreed to pay the price of the item for sale, but they  also agreed to send the check for more than the asking price so that the seller could take the check to the bank and cash it.  The buyer instructs the seller that once the check is cashed to take the money for the item and send the rest of the money back to them.  In the end, the check turns out to be fake and worth nothing.  The seller is then out the money that was sent back to the buyer.  People should be really cautious of anybody who wants to pay more for an item or people wanting you to cash a check for them and send the money back.  We are seeing a trend of these  false checks popping up and people cashing them.  By the time the check is returned by the bank and found to be fraudulent the money transfer has already taken place.  A good suggestion when selling items on the internet is use a bankers check as a form of payment or if you do accept a check bring it to the bank and wait for it to clear before sending out any items or money.  For more information or answers to potential fraud type cases please call us at (603) 659-6636 or by email.