Your Comments are ALWAYS Important

Help us Help You. A Citizens Guide on Providing Feedback

Help us Help You! Your Feedback is ALWAYS Wanted…

Newmarket is committed to providing high quality and responsive services. If you ever believe that our services have not been provided in such a  fashion, please immediately let us know of your complaint or suggestion. Likewise, if you believe that our services have surpassed your expectations, let us know. Whether positive or negative, we take all feedback from our customers seriously.

We want you to know that we continually reinforce the importance of customer service.

Your comments are an essential part of our effort to identify potential problems and improve upon each service our local government delivers to you, our residents, businesses and visitors.

If you have a comment on the way we provided a particular service, we offer the following to help you contact the appropriate Town official responsible for delivery of that service. If you have a more general comment and/or suggestion about local government here in Newmarket, you are always encouraged to write directly to the Town Administrator and/or the Town Council.


If you wish to provide feedback about the way in which any Town department or office has provided services, we recommend that you always attempt to contact them directly.

If you do not have the specific contact information for a certain service or department, please feel free to get in touch with the Office of the Town Administrator. They will provide you with the contact details for the most appropriate person to address your issue.  If you are not comfortable addressing a department contact directly, they will pass your comments to the most appropriate person on your behalf.


You can make a complaint, compliment and suggestion, which we can deal with discretely, by phone, fax, letter or email. Email addresses are available on the various Town Departments.

To further help us in addressing your complaint, compliment or suggestion, please always attempt to provide us with the following information:

  1. The department, division or office name that is relevant to your comment, and a contact name  of  the  individuals you  may have  dealt  with  on  this  matter  (if you know this).
  2. Information on whether it is an original comment or a follow-up to a reply you previously received.
  3. A clear description of the complaint, compliment or suggestion and what you would like us to do for you or to consider.
  4. Your full postal address, phone number and/or e-mail address if you have one.


We will acknowledge your comment, examine it and will attempt to follow-up with you in a reasonable amount of time from receiving your comment. Please understand that certain items involving personnel matters are confidential and you may not receive a follow up after the initial response except that it was being dealt with.


If you are still not satisfied, you should write or call the Director of the relevant department and ask them to review the matter. You can get contact information from the staff member(s) who originally had been dealing with your issue or from the Office of the Town Administrator.


Departments & Offices

The following are the main providers of Town services to the public and businesses.
They will willingly respond to customer comments concerning the specific services they deliver.

Assessing/Property Values

(603) 659 - 8501 Ext 1313

Building/Code Services

(603) 659 - 8501 Ext 1311

Facilities Director(603) 659 - 8501 Ext 1325

Finance & Purchasing

(603) 659 - 8501 Ext 1225

Fire & Rescue (business):

(603) 659 - 6029

Office of the Town Clerk

(603) 659 - 8501 Extension 4070


(603) 659 - 8501 Extension 1310

Police Department (business):

(603) 659 - 6636

Public Library

(603) 659 - 5311

Public Works/Utility Maintenance

(603) 659 - 3093

Recreations Programs

(603) 659 - 8581

Snow Removal

(603) 659 - 3093

Solid Waste and Recycling

(603) 659 - 3093

Tax Collection/Auto Registration

(603) 659 - 8501 Ext 4070

Utility Billing

(603) 659 - 8501 Ext 4070

Wastewater Treatment Facility

(603) 659 - 8810

Water Treatment Facility

(603) 659 - 8810


(603) 817 - 9536

If you do not receive an adequate response to a comment made to one of these departments or if you have a matter that is not specific to one of the departments above, please contact the Office of the Town Administrator directly at:


Office of the Town Administrator
Town of Newmarket, NH
186 Main Street
Newmarket NH 03857
Telephone: (603) 659-3617 Extension 1200