Town Council

Town Councilors' Contact Information

The Town of Newmarket operates under the Town Council form of government, in accordance with the Town Charter adopted 1991. Registered voters elect Councilors to represent them for a term of three years, and each year three seats are open for re-election.

The Town Council serves as the legislative and governing body of the Town, in place of a Board of Selectmen and Town Meeting. It approves all ordinances, resolutions, policies, and proposes an annual budget to be placed before the Municipal Budget Committee and Budgetary Town Meeting.

The Town Council also appoints people to the various Boards and Committees.

The Town Manager, hired by the Council, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Town and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the town and all employees that work for the Town. 

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Steve Fournier (603) 659-3617
Wendy Chase (603) 659-3617 ext. 1200

Town Councilors

Name Title
Toni Weinstein Chair
Amy Burns Vice Chair
Casey Finch Councilor
Gretchen Kast Councilor
Zachary Dumont Councilor
Helen Sanders Councilor
Jon Kiper Councilor