Environmental Services - Water & Sewer Divisions


   " Water is the driving force of all nature"
                                         Leonardo Da Vinci

Newmarket Environmental Services is committed to serving the needs of the water and sewer users with creative stewardship of the resources and the assets we manage and providing high quality drinking water and wastewater disposal services. The continuous delivery of excellent, cost-effective water supply and wastewater services in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

As of July 15, 2020 The State of New Hampshire has terminated executive order 2020-4 which prohibited utility shutoffs. We encourage all customers to continue to make payments.  


  • Water Department, 8 Young Lane, (603) 659-8810 
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant, 8 Young Lane, (603) 659-8810

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Sean Greig Environmental Services Director (603) 659-8810 x1501
Joel Drelick Water & Wastewater System Technician (603) 659-8810 x1402
Sam Heffron Wastewater Lab Technician (603) 659-8810 x1504
Todd Gianotti Wastewater Maintenance Supervisor (603) 659-8810 x1502
Susan Landale Administrative Assistant (603) 659-8810 x1505
Ben Trottier Water Operator (603) 659-8810 x1506
Stephen Roger Wastewater Operator (603)-659-8810