Tax Collection

Tax Year:  April 1 - March 31

Partial payments and pre-payments are accepted and encouraged.

Pursuant to State law, interest at the rate of 12% is charged on all past-due property taxes, and 18% interest is charged on all property tax liens.  If you are unable to pay your property taxes or tax lien in full, making partial payments will benefit you by reducing the total interest that must be paid.  Upon receiving your partial payment, the Tax Collector's Office will mail you a receipt showing how your payment was applied and the remaining balance due - which you may then use as a reminder for your next payment.

Payment Options:

  • Cash, checks, money orders are accepted at the Tax Collectors Office.
  • Mastercard, Discover and American Express are also accepted at the Tax Collectors office (3.25% fee).
  • Checks or money orders by mail.
  • Check or money orders may be placed in the 24 hour secure drop-box located on the right-hand side of the Town Hall (outside the elevator entrance).
  • View and/or Pay your property taxes online

The 1st Issue 2018 Property Tax Bills are due July 2, 2018. (Note: 1st issue property tax bill amounts are an 'estimate only' and are based on one-half of the total 2017 property tax amount.)

The 2nd Issue 2018 Property Tax Bills will be due December 2018.  The 2017 tax rate was set by the State in the fall based on voter-approved budgets of Town, School, County, and State Education requirements, and factoring in other tax-related funding sources. (2017 Tax Rate: $26.73)

Property Tax Liens - In accordance with State law, property tax liens are executed in mid to late April on any properties which have unpaid prior year property taxes.

For additional Property Tax information: