Vital Records

Birth, Death, Divorce & Marriage

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(Certificates of Marriage, Birth, Death & Divorce )

Certificate Availability & Fees
Certificate TypeFeesYears Available
Birth$15.00/one; $10/00/each additional1935-Present
Death$15.00/one; $10/00/each additional1965-Present
Marriage$15.00/one; $10/00/each additional1960-Present
Divorce$15.00/one; $10/00/each additional1979-6 mo. from Present

PLEASE NOTE:  By obtaining your vital record certified copy directly from the Town of Newmarket, the Town is able to retain 100% of the “Town Fee” portion of the vital record fee ($4.00 of the $15.00 fee), which would otherwise be paid to and retained by the State.  The Town is required to remit the remaining portion of the fee ($11.00 of the $15.00 fee) to the State of New Hampshire.

Marriage License

How to Apply:

  • Both parties must appear at the same time in the office.
  • Valid picture identification is required upon time of application.
  • If either party was married previously, the following must be presented, as applicable:
    • DIVORCE: A certified copy of the FINAL DIVORCE DECREE, which must include a raised seal on the document.
    • DEATH: A certified copy of the death certificate.
  • Filing fee is $50.00 (effective 7-13-15)
  • License is valid for 90 days from the date you apply.  No waiting period.

Please Note:  The application process may take up to 30 minutes.  We ask that you come no later than 4:30 pm Monday Tuesday & Thursday and 6:30 pm on Wednesday.

The Newmarket Town Clerk is a Justice of the Peace and is willing to act as a marriage officient and perform a brief "legal" civil marriage ceremony at the Town Hall.  There is a $25.00 facility fee payable to the Town of Newmarket.  Please call in advance to schedule a time.