Building Information

Building permits are required to insure minimum quality and safety standards are met for new buildings, additions, most decks, garages, pools (in-ground and some above-ground), sheds over 200 square feet, renovations such as garage conversions, finishing basements or attics, kitchen expansions, and for plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and gas work.  This is not a complete listing of projects that require permits.  Some minor work, such as replacing electrical devices, installing new cabinets, or replacing like devices do not require a permit.  There still may be safety requirements; however, the permit may not be needed.  If you are not sure if your project will require a building permit, please call our office.  The Building Official is more than willing to discuss your plans with you to determine if a permit is needed or to answer any construction questions you may have.  If you do not pull a permit, you may run into problems in the future.  Insurers may not cover work done without a permit or proper inspections.  If you decide to sell your home or refinance, appraisers may come to our office to review your property file.  If there is no permit, final inspection, or Certificate of Occupancy for a project done at your home, you may be required to open up walls or make costly repairs to work done incorrectly, before being able to refinance or sell.  We want your project to be a success and will work with you and your contractor toward that goal.  Please allow time for your building application to be reviewed.  Although we try to accommodate everyone and applications may be reviewed more quickly, we ask that you allow two weeks for planning purposes. Larger projects may require more time for review and approval.