Master Plan Subcommittee

The Town's Master Plan is a planning document designed to guide land use and development within Newmarket. Under New Hampshire state law, the Planning board is required to prepare and periodically amend and update the Master Plan. The Master Plan is both a great opportunity for the Town to reflect on how Newmarket has changed over the past decade, and to create a space for community discussions on how best to move the Town forward.

This process is an opportunity for the Planning Board and the community to work together to create a common vision for how the town should evolve and thrive. To achieve this end, the Planning Board has established a Master Plan Subcommittee to help facilitate community outreach and chapter development while ultimately making recommendations to the Planning Board for their consideration.


Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Bart McDonough (603)659-8501 ext 1315

Subcommittee Members

Name Title
Eric Botterman Planning Board Rep
Ellen Snyder Conservation Commission Rep
Samuel Kenney Conservation Commission/RAC Rep
Mike Hoffman Member
Valerie Shelton Planning Board Rep
Jane Ford Planning Board Rep
Sylvia von Aulock Member