Why do the plows block my driveway with snow?

Every municipal official in the nation that gets snow gets the same complaints after every major snowstorm. Municipal snow trucks pile big piles of snow right back in front of the driveway just after the driveway was cleared. It is frustrating. It is aggravating. But, unfortunately, we haven't found a community anywhere in the United States that has been able to avoid this problem. 

The primary goal of plowing is to remove snow from streets so that the road is open to vehicular traffic. Plowing pushes snow to the side from the middle of the street naturally, and, unfortunately, this results in snow piling up in front of driveways. Snowplows typically push snow to the right of the travel lane and the driver has no control over this. Also, the driver cannot stop or raise the plow at each driveway as this would leave a pile of snow in the roadway. Residents are advised to wait until the plow has been through their road prior to cleaning their driveway and mailbox area. If drifting or more snow occurs the plows may have to make multiple passes on a road at a later time to keep the road clear. If possible, plow drivers will try to prevent excessive blockages at driveways but at times this is not possible.