In accordance with Chapter 14-26 of the Newmarket Town Ordinances, Newmarket Town Administrator Steve Fournier has declared a Stage 4 Water Supply Shortage. A Stage 4 Water Supply Shortage restricts those on municipal water to the following:

  • Landscape irrigation shall be prohibited except for irrigation, by hand-held hoses, of crops for use as food by residents at a primary residence.
  • All outdoor water use is prohibited.
  • The filling of swimming pools is prohibited.
  • Use of automated landscape sprinkler systems is prohibited.
  • Washing or cleaning streets, driveways, sidewalks or other impervious areas is prohibited.
  • Washing of cars and boats, except at a commercial facility, shall be prohibited.

Properties found in violation of this order will be warned first of their violation, but will be fined $100 for their second violation, and $250 for subsequent violations and water service will be discontinued. A $75 fee will be charged to reconnect the service.


Properties that receive their water from private wells are strongly encouraged to conserve, but are not impacted by these regulations. While the State is recommending that the Town ban all outside water use for private systems, the Town is waiting before taking such a strong step.

The Town is monitoring the drought situation and may implement outdoor water ban on private systems as well.

Currently, the Town’s available water supply is sufficient to meet the Town’s daily needs, and raising the Water Supply Shortage to a level 4 will help preserve water during the drought hitting the region.

“Newmarket and all of Southern New Hampshire is experiencing a natural disaster with this significant drought. We have not had substantial rain in a long time, and the National Weather Service is predicting a dry and warmer autumn.” Stated Town Administrator Steve Fournier.

Water levels in the Town’s wells are approximately 8 to 10 feet below average.

The water restrictions will be in place until such time as the water levels return to a normal level. The Town will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that Town’s water needs are met.

If you have any questions or for more information, you can contact the Town Department of Environmental Services at (603)659-3093 or visit the Town’s website at